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A babysitter recently walked in on several 5 year olds watching pornography on an unfiltered device.

Every second 8,000 people log onto Google to start watching pornography…with the most popular porn search terms being “Teen” or “Youth”.

Porn is fueling the demand for child sex images and the sex trafficking industry.  

A survey of 5th to 12th grade girls revealed that those that were on their devices for more than 8 hours were 5 times more likely to be sad or depressed

11 million US minors visit pornographic websites each week. 

Did you know there isn’t a middle or high school in this country that isn’t struggling with sexting and cyberbullying epidemics?

FORT SAFETY is an educational not-for-profit organization that protects kids and strengthens families by providing tools and habits for staying safe on the internet.

We NEED to start an age-appropriate discussion within our families about what we are seeing on our devices. FORT SAFETY provides dynamic internet safety events where we shine a light on topics like pornography, sexting, cyberbullying, online predators, and social media addiction.

Whether it is helping college students start a discussion about the link between pornography and sex trafficking, helping parents create a family internet safety plan, or leading workshops at schools to highlight the damaging effects of cyberbullying and sextingFORT SAFETY offers events and resources designed to leave the audience of all ages feeling empowered and hopeful.


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“My life turned around for the better, when I reached out to someone and asked for help. I am choosing to share my story so that others are encouraged to do the same…and get help”John Winstanley


The mission of Fort Safety is to provide hope, healing, awareness, and empowerment to local communities by exposing the damage caused by pornography, cyberbullying, sexting, and other internet safety issues. We accomplish this by providing high-impact and interactive events for schools, churches, and community organizations and creating a hub of resources on this website.

We want to help students, parents, grandparents, teachers, churches, schools, businesses, civic organizations or anybody that needs help in this area. FortSafety is a 501(c)(3) educational non-for-profit.

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