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Protecting our nations kids by keeping families and communities safe online.

  • Are you frustrated with how much time your kids spend gaming?

  • Are your kids  being bullied?

  • Are you looking for a way to include Internet safety in your classroom?

  • What is Fort Safety?

    Fort Safety provides families and communities with practical instruction and preventative measures to address the daily challenges of internet safety, online harassment, and Technology-born addictions.

    Fort Safety shines the light of awareness and hope on to what we do, see, and feel while online

    Fort Safety strives to provide every parent and caregiver in America the knowledge and power to protect their kids from online threats.

    Welcome to The Fort

    Learn, Grow, and Protect Your Family!

    Watch our Free Master Class

    Learn our tried and true method of protecting your family online and get answers to your most pressing questions including:

  • Why limiting or taking away your child's access to technology is not a real 

    solution to the threats we face online

  • Why you can't trust technology like net nanny's to protect you family.

  • How to handle the tough discussions you need to have with you kids now.

  • What you can expect if you don't start protecting your family today.

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    Enroll in A.L.E.R.T. our Exclusive

    Internet Safety Bootcamp

    Sign up today and start protecting your family tomorrow. Our exclusive internet safety training program will provide you with two hours of fun interactive family friendly content that will bring even the most technologically challenged moms and dads into the 21st century. Enjoy from the comfort of your own home and share your training with your whole family. A family that learns together, stays safe together. 

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    Invite John to Speak

    Fort Safety founder and CEO John Winstanley travels the country speaking to families, church's and schools about the critical steps they can take to secure our children's future. Contact John today to have the Fort Safety Team create a custom tailored event for your audience.


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