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FortSafety – Our Team, Heart, & Mission

Our Origin:

The idea for FortSafety was forged within the emotional turmoil caused by the death of a daughter, the anger at years lost due to a hidden addiction, a renewed sense of urgency to make a difference in the World, and the frustration of watching children, teenagers, adults, and marriages fall victim to the damages caused by viewing disturbing content on the internet - with NOBODY saying anything about it. 

In 2012, supported by his family and friends, the founder and CEO of FortSafety John Winstanley left his Civil Engineering career as a Vice President of a construction company to start what would eventually become Fort Safety, Inc., a not-for-profit educational organization, focused on protecting kids and strengthening families.    

Our Mission:

The mission of FORT SAFETY, an educational not-for-profit, is to provide parents, teachers, clergy, and other guardians of children the skills, tools, and awareness needed to protect the kids under their care from internet dangers such as pornography, sexual predators and traffickers,  cyber-bullying, sexting, and social media addiction.

FORT SAFETY accomplishes this mission by providing dynamic and provoking internet safety events which use various presentation styles and multimedia formats crafted for schools, churches, and civic organizations. Each event is provided to the community free of charge sponsored by FORT SAFETY, sponsors, hosts, vendors, and donors.

The FORT SAFETY Team works towards accomplishing these missions while balancing personal, family, and financial resources in order to create a quality of life where the team can thrive spiritually and personally.

Our Team

Want to Join our Team? Contact Us using @fortsafety on any platform.

John Winstanley (Founder/CEO/Presenter)

John is what you would call an "interesting character": Born in England, raised in Germany, educated in the United States, a graduate of Purdue University, a retired civil engineer, a former vice president of a construction company, a former atheist who went from hating churches to building them, a devoted husband and father, and an avid runner and adult colorer.  For reasons he reveals in his speeches, John became determined to make the protection of our kids and the strengthening of our families a mission of his life. When asked about his presentation style John said this:

" Nobody wants to be talked to, so I make it a conversation. I am not a speaker - I am a storyteller. I am open about my past and my story so that my audience can feel empowered to tell their story. When we share our stories - that is when true healing can begin."

Jamie "The Moose" Dempsey (Director of Operations / President of Moosehead Marketing Solutions)

(Bio coming Soon - Stand by)

Jamie Dempsey

Tarick Sanchez (Director of Communications/Presenter)

Bio coming soon


Jay Lowrance (Director of Technology/ Author / Presenter)

With over 16 years in the tech industry,Jay loves the work he does with business owners. His goal is to become a trusted partner of every business he works with. 

Jay lives in Grayson, GA with his wife and 4 children. You can read more about his desire to empower parents with technology at


Sharon Lee, CSAT (Director of Addiction Recovery / Presenter / Marriage & Family Therapist )

Sharon Lee earned her M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. She is a CSAT (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist) working with people to restore their lives and relationships. Sharon joined our team with a strong desire to make a difference. She is a member of our expert panel discussions during our events and is currently writing curriculums for some of our future internet safety workshops and diversion programs.  Here is Sharon in her own words:

As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) I treat individuals, partners, and couples dealing with the agony of addiction. My passion is to walk alongside you in a warm, engaging, non-judgemental setting. I will equip you with the skills needed to fulfill your goals and build healthy, sustaining relationships.I also journey with those affected by trauma, as trauma and addiction often go hand in hand. Trauma often goes unrecognized or is minimized until the current coping mechanisms falter. Embarking on this work does not require you to relive specific events or details. We examine current behavior patterns that developed as a protective mechanism after being victimized. Exploring and processing these behavior patterns will allow you to slowly exchange them for behaviors that will free you to live the life you desire.

If you would like to contact Sharon here is her website

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