Berkmar High School, Georgia BSA Parent and Leader Training

Event: What Are YOUR Kids Internet Secrets

Date: January 27th, 2017

Host: Sweetwater District of the BSA Northeast Georgia Council

Presenters: John Winstanley and MC by Jamie Dempsey (Fort Safety)



Our team was delighted to be invited to present our internet safety training program for parents and leaders by the Sweetwater District of the BSA Northeast Georgia Council. This initial event was proposed as a “proof of concept” presentation where scout leaders and parents could be introduced to a Fort Safety style presentation and whether it was something we could continue to present at other BSA events.

Auditorium before the doors opened to the public.

BSA already has a merit badge program called the Cyber Chip, which focuses on internet safety and using the internet well (i.e. digital citizenship).  Here is a BSA video which talks about the cyber chip:

We wanted to get honest feedback from parents and scout leaders whether there is any interest in involving team Fort Safety in either teaching the cyber chip program or creating an additional program focused on areas currently not covered by the cyber chip.

At BSA advance-o-rama merit badge events, parents who don’t want to drive back home while their sons were in class were stuck reading books or playing on their cell phones in the school cafeteria. So our presentation was offered to give these parents and scout volunteers an alternative activity while they waited.

After our presentation, that was attended by 31 participants, the feedback we received was positive across the board.  On our comment cards we read the following:

“wow, we need this event at our church and in our schools”

“This program went into so much more depth than the cyber chip”

“This would be a better way to teach our scouts how to use their devices safely”

“Great information. Scary, but soooo needed”

” please call me about speaking at our private school”

So, in conclusion, our team is looking forward to presenting again to BSA. We are continuing our discussion with their leadership to see how we can best assist them in our common mission of “protecting kids and strengthening families”


John Winstanley,

Atlanta, Geogia

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