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Tips, Tricks & Internet Safety Hacks

Anti-Bullying Advice: Perseverance

Thanks to social media, the issue of bullying has been weaponized to an extreme level never seen before. This video’s goal is to inspire parents to instill a trait in their children they can use to combat bullying: perseverance.

Let's Talk About Screen Time

Inspired by the scenery in Bar Harbor, Maine, John talks about the advantages of screen time and content restrictions.

Testimony from an Anti-Cyber Bullying Advocate

FortSafety student ambassador Rinisha talks about her passion for ending the pandemic of bullying and her involvement in FortSafety’s mission of protecting kids and strengthening families.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography

It is a tough conversation...but it is the best way to protect your kids against pornography… Talk about it. Good news: Parents we have a hidden superpower. This video explains how to use it.

What Do We Want the Future of our Kids to Look Like?

One of Fort Safety’s board of directors, Tarick Sanchez, talks about why it is important to start the conversation about the negative effects of online pornography. 

Cyberbullying: Real People Not Pixels

One of the best ways to change the toxic cyber-culture that exists on social media is to teach your kids a certain set of human qualities that have to be modeled and are not intrinsic. You cannot learn them from a YouTube video!

The Most Effective Way to Get Folks Excited About Your Brand, Community, Church, or Organization: Internet Safety

Are you looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and get folks excited about your business, city, church, or organization? Our team can help.

Comparison of Digital Cultures: The USA vs. India

Riya, a Fort Safety ambassador, interviews a friend in India about the differences and similarities of the online experience for students in these countries. Topics discussed: cyberbullying, rape threats, body shaming, sexism, race, Instagram, Snapchat, sexting, screen time, revenge porn, lack of relevant internet safety education. 

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