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Here are some testimonials from clients, sponsors, hosts, and audience members we have collected over the years. 

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Pastor Wendy Cordova The Orchard Church
Pastor Wendy Cordova
FortSafety is bravely talking about topics no one wants to talk about but every family is affected by. It’s a conversation I wish we didn’t need to have, but it is essential if we want to protect the hearts, minds and bodies of our kids. FortSafety informs, equips, and empowers parents to create an internet safety plan that enables them us to protect our children and youth.
Kim McDevitt Sunrise Ministries - Executive Director / Founder
Kim McDevitt
Fort Safety is boldly part of leading the way to end the demand side of the sex industry. Reality is most ministries in this field invest in the victim to reach and restore. The truth is, rescuing a victim does not end the demand for human trafficking and sexual exploitation there will be a free individual who takes the place of the rescued girl or boy.To truly end sex trafficking, we must address the sexual perversion running rampant in our culture. A deadly drug with little stopping the use. This addictions tentacles reach our schools, churches, and homes. It is not going away. Thank you Fort Safety for offering hope for those struggling with porn addiction, educating those who do not understand what is happening and going after those not yet impacted but will be. Education, healing and help, grounded in grace, is what will shrink the demand to exploit an individual.
Mark H. Davis Principle, Loganville Christian Academy
Mark H. Davis
John is able to handle the tough topic of Internet pornography and addiction with young men in a safe and productive way...The young men are able to relate to someone that is honest, open, and frank with them about the challenges that they are facing...
Nan Konze Director, St. Paul UMC Columbus, Georgia
Nan Konze
You were quite a blessing yesterday. I am actually from the Columbus area and almost didn’t come because “it didn’t relate to our preschool children”. HA! Was I wrong, and the entire time I was also thinking as a grandmother of 6 (oldest granddaughter aged 10 - yeah, I know - that scary age). I was mesmerized by your presentation and awakened to so much. I have already discussed the information with two of our teachers this morning. Thank you again for your honesty and your conviction to make a difference. You have!
Tina Sartori Parent
Every parent and child with a cell phone or internet, needs to attend a Fort Safety!!!! EYE OPENING!!
Laura Roush Parent
Laura Roush
Great job speaking tonight to all the parents at BCA !! (Bethlehem Christian Academy) I was impressed with your knowledge and how well you handled an uneasy subject. You are truly gifted, John.
Monica Rowell Burleson Parent
This was a very eye opening talk! I was astonished by the statistics John presented. I have always had the "that won't happen to me" attitude about predators but I will definitely be going on a date with the hubby to get our ISP going! Thanks Fort Safety for all you do!
L.D. DeKatch Visual Graphics and Branding Consultant
L.D. DeKatch
You knocked it out of the ballpark!!!
Professor Rich Griffith Author and Professor of Youth Ministry, Toccoa College
Professor Rich Griffith
As a father of a teenager I can tell you that not only did John hold my son's attention, John also spoke in a way that allowed my son "to get it". John is the "real deal" when it comes to delivering important information and being a man of integrity

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