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Our Community Partners

Our Community Partners…or as we like to call them: Our Guardian Angels

A Message From Our Board: 

FortSafety Team

Team FortSafety

Our passion for protecting kids and strengthening families, is at the center of EVERYTHING we do. If an activity or project does not accomplish this mission, we don’t do it. We agreed from the beginning that we weren’t just going to talk about internet safety and protecting kids, but we were going to enact change in the communities we serve.  

We have been blessed to meet families, businesses, civic organizations, and other NPO’s that believe in our mission.

ALL of the entities listed on this page locked arms with us to change the world. It was never about promoting their business or logo it was always an unsolicited request for a chat, followed by a handshake with the words “We want to help” or “We need to do something about this, how can we help you”  Thank you to everyone who has joined us in the mission to Protect Kids and Strengthen Families

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