FORT SAFETY is an educational not-for-profit organization (501c(3))that protects kids and strengthens families online by providing events, workshops, advice, and tools, for staying safe on the internet. 

As a parent, a teacher, a caring adult you have to be able to answer the question ” Is your family cyber safe?” with a resounding “YES!”

Our goal through our interactive family cyber safety events is to show you why you have to be cyber safe and show you how to be cyber safe. 

Is Your Family Cyber Safe?

Our internet safety events are designed around any size crowd, from sunday school classes to auditoriums. 

We provide practical tips for students, parents, teachers, and senior citizens.  Not tech savvy?…have no fear because Fort Safety is here to help you!

The habits we teach at our events are common sense practical habits anybody can learn.  The irony is that the solution to all of this technology isn’t necessarily more technology, but simple habits anybody can learn. 

We Answer Questions Like:

  • How old should a child be before they get a smartphone?
  • My kid is being cyberbullied…what can I do?
  • How do I know if my son is spending too much time gaming?
  • Is there a way to stop all those nasty videos popping up when my daughter is on Youtube?
  • We just discovered that our son has a secret instagram account – is this bad?
  • My daughter just received a sext from a stranger…what do I do?!

Tarick Sanchez Talking to Middle Schoolers

We need to start an age-appropriate discussion within our families, churches, and schools about what our kids (and adults) are doing on our devices. 

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Fort Safety, Inc.

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"Now I have a cyber plan. Thanks Fort Safety!"
"Dad of 3 boys"

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